Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a same-day or next-day appointment?

We do offer Expedited Consults, which are same-day or next-day appointments. The cost is the original consult fee for your matter type plus a $75 consult fee.

Expedited Consults are completely dependent on attorney availability and may involve a call after business hours. It is never guaranteed that we have availability for an Expedited Consult.

If you would like to schedule an Expedited Consult, please call our office at (832) 390-2949. These may only be arranged over the phone.

If I schedule a consult, will you take my case?

Scheduling a consult does not guarantee that we will represent you nor does it obligate us to perform any other legal services for you. Without a consult, we would be unfamiliar with the details of your case, and under no circumstances do we take on a case without a completed consult and basic due diligence on our part.

Our consults are specifically designed to determine the strengths of your case, provide legal advice to see if your matter can be resolved without further legal services, and to offer any legal services we believe may be of use to you at the time. Whether this involves official in-court representation/litigation depends on our analysis of your case and, of course, our current schedule.

Do you take any cases on a contingency basis?

We no longer offer contingency fees for any services. Our fees are either on a flat-fee basis or hourly.

What areas do you service?

We work with clients all over Texas. With very limited exceptions, it does not matter where in Texas you live!

However, if you are unsure if we service your area, please call (832) 390-2949 to ask and to generally describe what sort of service you are looking for. While most of our services can be conducted remotely without issue, we will let you know if we cannot assist you for some reason.

Do you offer free consults?

Free consults are only for new estate planning or probate matters (meaning, those desiring new estate planning documents or the opening of a new probate matter).

We do not offer free consults for any other matter.

We offer instead cost-effective consults that allow for thorough review of your matter and sufficient time with our attorney so that your legal options and any risks can be analyzed and explained. Many can attest to the value of this service!

Do you accept walk-ins?

Our practice is completely remote and no walk-ins are accepted.

While we have physical locations in Austin and League City, our attorney travels frequently across the state, making it difficult to arrange in-person meetings.
In-person meetings can be arranged for existing clients, based on attorney availability.

I know I have a good case already. Why do I need a consult?

Would you go to a doctor to inform them that you definitely have a certain disease and definitely need a certain remedy?

Or do you go to the doctor so that they can analyze your symptoms and tell you, in their professional opinion, whether you are sick and what possible remedies you may have?

Just as a doctor would not simply act on a patient’s word without due diligence and proper diagnosis, so can we not take any case without a prior consult and our own due diligence. There are no exceptions to this policy.

While you may feel strongly that you have been wronged and that you have a good case, the law is rarely black-and-white, and professional diagnosis of your matter via a consult is needed for our attorney to determine the strength of your case and advise you on any risks involved.


If you have questions about our services, please contact us!

Please note this form is not a means to obtain free legal advice or assistance. We will neither provide legal advice nor answer specific legal questions via this form. This form is generally to ask if we handle a certain type of legal matter or to ask questions our services and practice areas.

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