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Zapalac Law Firm provides advice and represents Tenants (both residential and commercial) with leasing issues that may occur. With our remote practice, we are able to assist Tenants all across Texas.

For Tenants, the law and leases often conflict with common sense and can be frustrating to deal with. In Texas, Tenants do indeed have rights, but it isn’t always clear whether you have an actionable case or what next steps you must take to preserve or enforce those rights. As Texas law (and leases) generally favor Landlords, any error or delay in responding to an issue can doom an unwary Tenant, and getting proper legal advice and analysis prior to taking decisive action is critically important.

Zapalac Law Firm has extensive experience in assisting with negotiating lease terminations and resolving security deposit disputes. Examples of common Tenant issues we address daily are pest infestations, mold presence, nonfunctional A/C systems, flooding/water damage, excessive exterior noise, security issues, excessive/incorrect charges, landlord retaliation, and security deposit withholding.

Our 30-minute phone consults for tenant matters are our most popular consults, with most matters being resolved by just the consult alone. These consults include document review and allow for tailored legal advice, where we can present a basic course of action for you based on your facts and evidence. As Tenant law is heavy on facts, we cannot offer any legal advice or any services without this initial paid consult to review your case and determine how or if we can help. If we can offer further legal services to assist you after your consult is completed, $75 of your initial consult fee is credited towards any initial retainer, subject to all other terms and conditions of any engagement letter.

For residential tenants only, we also offer a 15-minute Question & Answer call. This is designed only to answer very general legal questions or to explain, in generalized terms, how certain statutes or laws operate. This 15-minute Q&A call does NOT include any document review nor will it analyze any specific facts or provide legal advice, and the fee paid for this call is not credited towards any future work. As few legal questions are truly “quick” or “simple,” this Q&A call is NOT recommended for most residential tenants. If you seek advice on what to do in your situation, we strongly recommend then 30-minute Residential Tenant Phone Consult.

As we are not a dedicated litigation firm, we never “take a case” without at least an initial 30-minute consult so we can do our due diligence, gather information, and discuss all viable legal options with you. There are no exceptions to this rule. Scheduling a consult does not guarantee that we will offer you any further legal services, as we cannot promise any result or future work unless and until we learn more about your situation.


Commercial Tenant 30-Minute Phone Consultation

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