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Zapalac Law Firm represents Landlords (both residential and commercial) with various leasing issues, such as enforcing the right to retain security deposit amounts and/or sue for excess damages, support with evictions for lease violations or nonpayment of rent, or simply defending a landlord against baseless or excessive repair requests or threats of lease termination. we assist with lease drafting and enforcement, and we advise on all other issues that a Landlord may encounter when dealing with unruly or nonpaying Tenants.

We can also help draft customized leases for you that are tailored to your unique desires and rental situations, which is of particular value to new landlords or those who have (usually unknowingly) opened themselves up to liability or overbearing obligations due to signing a boilerplate or mismatched lease.

For landlords, we offer 30-minute Residential or Commercial Landlord phone consults. With these consults we review your submitted materials, provide a professional analysis, and let you know what the recommended next steps are. If future work is agreed-upon and a contract timely signed, we do credit part of the paid consult fee to your initial retainer. Like our other consults for tenant matters, we are proud to report that most landlord issues are resolved after only one 30-minute consult, or through a demand/notice letter thereafter. Every situation is different though and past results (even in similar cases) do not guarantee success.

As we are not a dedicated litigation firm, we never “take a case” without an initial consult so we can do our due diligence, gather information, and discuss all viable legal options with you. Scheduling a consult does not guarantee that we will offer you any further legal services, as we cannot promise any result or future work unless and until we learn more about your situation.

Call us today at (832) 390-2949 to set up the consult that you desire, or use the links below to book your consultation.


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Residential Landlord 30-Minute Phone Consultation

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