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Chela Janzen

Chela Janzen is the dedicated Office Manager at Zapalac Law Firm, playing a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of the firm and providing exceptional client service. As the initial connection between the firm and potential clients, she enjoys getting to know people on a personal level and understanding their unique needs. Chela’s warm and welcoming nature creates a comforting atmosphere for clients, helping them feel heard and valued from the very beginning.

After earning her Accounting degree from the University of Houston, Chela gained valuable experience in the Oil and Gas Accounting and Banking industries. However, her greatest joy came from raising her children, and she dedicated several years to being a full-time parent. Now, as her children have grown, Chela has returned to the professional world with renewed passion and enthusiasm.


Fluent in Spanish, Chela brings a valuable language skill to the firm, enabling effective communication with Spanish-speaking clients. She also has a passion for learning new languages and has a particular interest in machine embroidery, watching soccer matches, and diving into the captivating world of historical fiction novels.

Having a diverse family background herself, Chela embraces a global perspective and a deep appreciation for different cultures. Her experiences abroad have enriched her understanding of different people and customs, making her an empathetic and open-minded professional.


With her dedication, professionalism, and genuine care for the clients, Chela contributes to the outstanding service provided by Zapalac Law Firm. Her commitment to building relationships and her exceptional organizational skills make her an invaluable asset to the team.


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