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With experience in small business formation and operations and advising on asset protection strategies designed to guard your business interests, Zapalac Law Firm offers a comprehensive model that is attentive to the nature of your business and your mission.

Proper business structure and tailor-fit contracts are especially important for start-ups and younger, smaller businesses that are starting to blossom. Operating your business without a strong legal structure in place could you leave you and your personal property open to attack from creditors and hinder future development.

Our services include business formation, contract drafting and review, demands for payment of services, license agreements, and general consultation regarding other business problems that may arise.

For most business services we operate on an hourly retainer basis, though we offer flat fee payments for the creation of new Texas LLCs. If you are interested in creating a new business, please complete the questionnaire below. Otherwise, please call out office to discuss what legal services you are seeking, and we may offer a paid consult or other work at such time.

Please note that we do not handle employment law or provide any tax opinions.

Business Creation



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