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Real Estate & Landlord/Tenant Law

The real estate market has been crazy lately as many Texans have become new homeowners and landlords. Real property sales, ownership, and renting can lead to a wide variety of legal issues. As many have already found out during the ongoing COVID pandemic, purchase contract and leasing questions are not as simple as they seem, and miscommunication is unfortunately commonplace.

Whether commercial or residential, Zapalac Law Firm can help address all your needs regarding real estate and landlord and tenant law. We can help with lease drafting, evictions, enforcing real estate contract provisions, and drafting demand letters to ensure your legal rights are known and respected.

The most common issues we see relate to lease renewal and termination, and purchase agreement cancellations. These issues typically involve contract interpretation and a little knowledge about Texas law. In the event an argument on such topics arises, it is always helpful to have a good lawyer on call who can quickly review related materials and give you a rundown on the next step to take.

If you are a realtor or a mortgage loan officer, Zapalac Law Firm can also work with you to advise on real estate issues and help defend the interests of your client.

Real property is also an important aspect of estate planning, and is usually the most valuable item that most people possess. When purchasing new property or setting up new investment homes, it is always prudent to determine how such real estate interests will pass after death.

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