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The death of a loved one is an upsetting time, and the thought of the probate process may seem daunting. With the help of an experienced attorney, probate won’t be so scary, and you can receive sound advice on how to properly transfer assets and wrap up the estate in a concise and timely manner.

Timing and expense of probate in Texas depends largely on whether the deceased person had a valid Will or not. For the average estate with a valid Will, the entire probate process can be relatively stress-free and can last anywhere from 2 to 6 months. Without a Will, there are more legal hurdles and requirements, and the process unfortunately takes longer and can be more expensive.

Probate cases where there is a dispute over who-gets-what or over the the validity of a Will are “contested” cases. With a valid attorney-drafted Will, such disputes are rare. In cases without a Will, disputes are more common and can drag out the probate process. It is important to have adequate legal representation in any contested case to limit time and expense in opening and administering the estate.

Zapalac Law Firm offers sounds probate representation, whether with or without a Will, contested or uncontested, and we look forward to discussing your probate needs. We will work with you from the original case filing all the way through the filing of an inventory and the closing of the estate, and will work within you and your family’s budget.

NOTE: Wills in Texas MUST be filed for probate within 4 years of death! Otherwise, the deceased will be automatically considered as having died without a Will. If you know the 4 year deadline is coming up, don’t delay any longer!

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