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Landlord/Tenant Law

Residential Landlord/Tenant Consultation ($175)
Commercial Landlord/Tenant Consultation ($215)
15-Minute Q&A ($50)

Zapalac Law Firm represents both Landlords and Tenants (both residential and commercial) with leasing issues that may occur, or drafting new leases for parties who desire more control over the contract that they intend to sign.

For Tenants especially the law and leases can be frustrating and often appear to conflict with common sense. In Texas, Tenants do indeed have rights, but it isn’t always clear whether you have an actionable case or what next steps you must take to preserve or enforce your rights. As Texas law (and leases) generally favor Landlords, any error or delay in responding to an issue may doom an unwary Tenant. For most tenant situations, we recommend a 30-minute consultation to ensure that we have the time to review submitted materials and provide you with practical advice on how best to address your situation.

For Landlords, leasing can lead to a host of legal problems. We help Landlords enforce their right to retain security deposit amounts and sue for excess damages, we assist with lease drafting and enforcement, and we advise on all other issues that a Landlord may encounter when dealing with unruly or nonpaying Tenants. For new Landlords especially, we can help draft customized leases for you that are tailored to your unique desires and rental situations, and we are available for consultation and advice regarding evictions and how to properly conduct them.

For those seeking an initial consultation and case analysis to determine if they do have a cause of action or remedies available, we offer a $50 Question and Answer call for 15 minutes. This is a low-cost call designed for those who “have a quick question” about a general aspect of landlord/tenant law, want to simply know if they “have a case,” whether anything is actionable, or how the law is generally applied. This $50 call does not involve any document review or legal advice, nor does it establish an attorney-client relationship, and the consultation fee is nonrefundable once paid and scheduled.

At Zapalac Law Firm, we are proud to report that most of our Landlord/Tenant issues are resolved after only one 30-minute consult, or through a demand/notice letter thereafter. Every situation is different though and past results (even in similar cases) do not guarantee success. Call us today at (832) 390-2949 to set up the consult that you desire, or use the links below or at the top of this page to set up a date and time for your consultation.

Residential Landlord/Tenant Consultation ($175)
Commercial Landlord/Tenant Consultation ($215)
15-Minute Q&A Call ($50)

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