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Client Testimonials

Natalia R.

Competent. Efficient. Personable. Something I value highly with any professional, especially an attorney. Ryan's pragmatic approach to law and his ability to not over complicate things unnecessarily is refreshing and much needed in today's environment. Our unique family needs were discussed and addresed. During the entire process we were treated as friends rather than numbers. Our opinions were valued, complex questions answered, and doubts were removed. It is my pleasure to recommend Ryan as a very qualified attorney who can handle your specific situation and find a solution!

Olga Y.

Great experience overall having Ryan Zapalac as my attorney. Ryan understands his client, very insightful and is an expert in his field. Truly a professional and marvelous individual. He was very helpful and went above and beyond to help me with my case. Without his help, I know that I would not have had the successful outcomes I have had. He worked tirelessly to make sure that the truth was told and presented it perfectly. He has stood by every time I needed and guided me through the entire lengthy process. I would definitely recommend Ryan Zapalac!

Megan A.

So thankful we meet Ryan Zapalac. We needed to get our will and few of our family members done. It was fast, efficient, and he was very informative. We learned a lot through the process and it’s all thanks to him. He is very trustworthy and accountable. Thanks again Ryan.

A Happy Client

Had a court issue that was mostly resolved, but the attorney assigned me had left a lot of legal loose strings hanging. No one seemed to care. I needed someone who would actually represent me, a trustworthy person who would understand. Then I found Ryan. He listened to my problems. Within a few days he had developed a plan of action to remedy my issues. I was truly surprised how efficient he was. Not only had he considered angles I hadn't thought about, but was able to explain them in layman's terms. He was so communicative and forthcoming with how my problems, frankly my life, could be repaired. Ryan is a great attorney and a terrific man. He listened. He understood. He helped me right the ship, so I could move on.

Lori E.

My husband and I used Ryan Zapalac’s services to create legal documents (POA, HIPAA) for our college age children. He also assisted us with estate planning. We can attest that Ryan is an attorney with integrity. He was extremely responsive and professional in addressing all our questions. We were very comfortable with the entire process and would not hesitate to refer our family and friends to him.

Crystal E.

I met Ryan under stressful and unfortunate circumstances and needed his help with estate planning and a will/power of attorney, etc... when my uncle was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer. Ryan responded to my panicked email late at night and worked through the weekend to help my family get their affairs in order. We will forever be grateful to him for prioritizing our needs during such a stressful and emotional time. He was very thorough, professional, and then handled the probate process for us as well. He has now handled my own personal estate planning and will as well. My family trusts him with all of our important legal planning!

Qinyu L.

Excellent attorney with very reasonable rates. Very responsive with great communication skills. I was involved in a commercial tenant-landlord dispute with a contract that was extremely landlord friendly, Attorney Zapalac helped me review my lease and guided me every step of the way in negotiating with the landlord for better terms. We ended up successfully terminate the lease and that took a huge load off of my back. Looking back could not have done it without him. Truly appreciate his help and highly recommend him..

Christin B.

Ryan was completely on top of our dispute with our landlord. He was aggressive with them and extremely pleasant with us and we got a very desirable outcome. The thing I appreciated most was his honesty. He didn’t try to promise us a certain outcome and was very clear and knowledgeable about what the law stated. I would highly recommend Zapalac Law Firm and will absolutely use them again if I ever need services in their specialities!

Greg P.

We had an issue recovering our security deposit from a lease. We sent all the info to Ryan, he immediately reviewed it, saw we were in a good position, explained what he could do about it, what the cost would be and then, with our blessing proceeded. He sent a very professionally worded demand letter to our former landlord quoting which Texas laws applied to our situation and what the path forward would be if the deposit was not refunded. On the morning that the letter was sent (via email) Ryan received an immediate response from the landlord with a copy of the certified refund check and proof that it was mailed. We are extremely satisfied with his work.

Divine P.

I really appreciate ryan and all of his help making the landlords do the right thing. And just give us our deposit. Since we completed the lease. So ryan thanks again I can't thank you enough for all the efforts and what you have done for my family. Maybe god bless you in your endeavors. Thank you thank you and thank you again.

Aarthi R.

We met Ryan Zapalac and needed his help with a tenant/ rental issue. We wanted him to represent us as we were out of state. Ryan, a thorough professional, helped us cruise thru smoothly with his clear and straightforward counsel and allayed our worries when we had setbacks. He presented his work in a clear manner and nailed it perfectly. We highly recommend Ryan Zapalac to anyone going through legal issues!